4 ways to get the most out of your hangtags

A hangtag is the first thing to be removed, before customers are using the purchased product. What if your customer can still use the tag and it does not end up in the bin?

Let’s develop some ideas! For this you can use the following guidelines.

  1. Tell the story of your brand

Since you’re not just showing a price, customers will know and feel that you care about more than just profit. After purchasing, customers can feel better about themselves, knowing that they invested fpr a good cause.

  • Communicate with a text like “proudly made in EU” on hangtag to elevate your brand
  • That you source products from fair trade companies
  • Or that it’s not tested on animals
  1. Provide necessary product information

It’s always good to include even more information about your product.
By using hangtags as user guides, customer will likely feel more satisfied during the use of their purchase. It will automatically create more value and care about your product, and with that your brand. Also talking sustainability: instructions on how to take proper care of your product can lead to a longer life-time for your product. When it turns out to really work, and so last long: most likely customers will come back for more.

  1. Use your hangtags as a discount coupon

Providing information for your customers is a good option, but consider taking an even more unusual approach. Create a nice action with a discount on additional products – to upsell in stores, or team up with a local restaurant or bar and offer a free coffee when the purchased amount is sufficient.

  1. Give a dual function

  • Design hangtags so that they are stylish enough for customers, that they want to use them as tags to attach to gifts. For this using a small and simple version of your logo is required, or just use the colours of your brand to let people know that it’s you.
  • Treat the hangtags as a collector’s item: an excellent way to create buzz around the brand. This way you are moving away from a paper tag that’s thrown into the bin, and you are positioning the hangtags as items with a certain value. So creating extra value to your product. This way your customer knows that they get more for the money they spent. Also, when carefully executed, when customers want to collect your hangtag you give them a reason to buy your product over that of one of your competitors.

A nice example of dual function hangtags are the scented bags by Survival of the fashionist. Their knitted sweaters are handmade, by putting a scented bag when storing them customers take extra care of the item – showing the value and even creating an event or ritual around the product.

Check out  more examples of hangtags or get in touch for custom-made hangtags for your brand.