Face This hangtags for Indonesia

We are happy with to support Face This. We helped them with hangtags for there t-shirts in the Face This 2014 collection. Face This was founded to help kids in Indonesia to create a better future for themselves in a way they only have to use their pens, papers and creativity.

Why Face This?

When explaining why EE Labels decided to support Face This our marketing-manager Caroline Evers is clear: “Jos contacted me directly and was open and upfront about his reasons for doing so. This is an absolute necessity for us when engaging in a sponsoring project. Next to that I prefer to work with small-scale projects. The fashion link suits us and we can contribute to Face This through our product offering. This way our help truly has a purpose that fits both the company and the cause.”

‘Close to my heart’

“I’ve visited Indonesia with my husband and children. For the kids it was their first acquaintance with another culture. A friend of ours who works as a cultural anthropologistin Indonesia showed us around. Together with her we also visited some schools and have seen at first hand that there are clear differences when compared to the Netherlands. The visit and our friends with Indonesian roots ensure that the country stays close to my heart.”


We donate two hangtags for every tee. “Jos already had a great idea for the design, so our job is focused purely on producing the tags. The first shows the Face This and EE Labels logo and the second entails the explanation of the Face This payoff: ‘Togetherness starts with a tee’.”