Sustainable designs in new show Bruno Pieters

This June / July, ‘Born In Antwerp’ is presenting a new exhibition called (Behind) the clothes by Bruno Pieters. In this exhibition, the designer will reveal his sustainable designs while paying tribute to the people behind his collection, including Joost Janssen, creative project manager at EE Exclusives.

Joost-JansenSince 2012, Bruno Pieters has endaevored to change the world of fashion. After taking a temporary break from the industry, he returned with a new goal. ‘I succeeded in changing my own lifestyle, and wanted to invest my energy in making a similar change in fashion. I didn’t have any examples of people in the fashion industry prior to me attempting the same, and succeeding. Yet I found the courage I needed to establish a completely new and transparent fashion label called Honest By in 2012.’

The exhibition (Behind) the clothes consists of two parts: The clothes and Behind the clothes. Bruno takes us off the beaten path by focusing the attention on the faces behind the clothes, rather than on the clothes themselves. The exhibition clearly shows how he gets inspired by his network of relations in sustainable fashion. Giving his clothes ‘a face’ by literally placing faces behind the clothes creates a harmony with his vision.

’Every designer, producer, or consumer who focuses on sustainable fashion, demands transparency, and makes a well-considered choice for honest, ethical, and environmentally friendly fashion is a modern-day hero’, adds Bruno.

Which matches exactly what EE Labels is striving for: transparency. With our range of sustainable labels we offer our clients an eco-friendly choice. We are now working hard to complete the requirements for receiving the STEP-certificate by the end of 2016. This will serve as an acknowledgement that our company fully complies with the requirements for sustainable textile production.

(Behind) the clothes is open to visitors from 5 June to 31 July in a hangar next to the head office of Born at Kattendijkdok Oostkaai 22 in Antwerp.

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