NFC Button protects design label Moooi against fakes

A new chapter has once more been added to the long-term cooperation between EE Labels and Moooi. To protect Moooi’s unique design products against fakes, the label is introducing a new, innovative button with integrated NFC technology.

The small round button is attached to the end product and has a very valuable function. It brings together the creative and technical know-how of Moooi and EE Labels and results in a special brand carrier that protects the products against counterfeiting.

The Button works with NFC technology which cannot be copied thanks to the new Secure Unique NFC message function. The Button is scanned using an NFC-compatible device (smartphone and / or tablet). Moooi calls the Button ‘your personal safe keeper of an investment in authentic design’.

Unfortunately, counterfeiting and mass production are becoming more and more common. The process of designing, producing and marketing a new, authentic design takes time. Valuable time which makes it easy for counterfeiters to copy and reproduce the design and flood the market.

According to Mooi, the fight against these malpractices is a very difficult and time-consuming process.
For this reason our client decided to take things into its own hands. The NFC technology protects Moooi against imitation. The customer now also has proof that it is an original Moooi product.
The Button with integrated NFC chip underlines the unique identity and acts as proof of authenticity.

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