Paper replacement plastic polybags

Looking for an alternative to the plastic polybag? With our new milkpaper bags, we offer a suitable sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic version.

With the advent of the law SUP (Single Use Plastics), finding a suitable, sustainable alternative to the plastic polybag is becoming increasingly important.  Our new milkpaper bags consist of 100% paper and are perfectly suited as a paper replacement for plastic polybags. Below we explain the features of the new milkpaper bags.

Paper replacement plastic polybags

The sustainable alternative

The milkpaper bags are 100% biodegradable and are made of paper bleached by oxygen. This ensures the high transparency and makes the milkpaper bags very lightweight; only 36g per m2.

The production of this packaging takes place entirely in Europe and no chemicals are added. Glue made with starch is used for the packaging. As a result, the glue dissolves easily in the recycling process, mixing again with the paper pulp. Only wood fibers with FSC certification are used in the production of this sustainable packaging, so (unlike plastic packaging production) the milk paper bags are made from a circular source.

A strong substitute for plastic polybags

Due to virgin pulp and very pure raw materials, the paper is composed of long fibers. As a result, the paper of the milkpaper bags has high tear resistance. The milkpaper bags are 100% food safe as no chemicals are added. Therefore, they are also suitable for direct contact with food.

Sustainable appearance

Of course, you also look at the aesthetic value of packaging. Many people rate products packed in paper better than items packed in plastic. The milkpaper bags have an 89% transparency which makes them extremely suitable for scanning labels inside the packaging and therefore fit well within current logistics processes.

Paper replacement plastic polybags

Made to order

The milkpaperbags can be ordered in any size. Both the outer size and dimensions for the side seam are up to you. You can choose between a flat fold or a bag with a V-shaped side seam (standard 2x15mm). A bag with V-fold is even easier to fill. You can also choose between a resealable strip or a permanent adhesive layer.

The maximum size for European production is 32 x 40 cm. Need a larger format? We offer that in a 40-gram variant.

Curious about the possibilities of a sustainable milkpaperbag for your company? Contact us for more information, request a free sample right away or check out our website for more sustainable packaging options.