Sustainable and local collaboration for Arriva

Arriva shows the world that local 🌍, social 🙏 and sustainable ♻️ production is possible, also for big companies.

Claudy Jongstra developed new ties and shawls for all employees of Arriva, together with production atelier Makers Unite. We made the fabric in our sustainable factory. In Claudy’s work 3 themes are central: making, social and ecological. In this project all of it comes together.
Makers Unite processed the fabric, that we produced in The Netherlands with naturally dyed yarns.

Makers Unite is a social production atelier where ‘new-comers’ get a second chance. Because everyone deserves a second chance.
The tie and shawl are made from a complex jacquard weaving. Thanks to this item the wearer is always reminded of this story: a symbol for a new start. And that when we work together, we work towards a better future.

With this project Arriva is taking a big step to a sustainable future.

A sustainable future full of projects with minimum impact on the environment, protecting it for the benefit of future generations.