Augmented Reality Labels

AR in a woven label

By integrating Augmented Reality into your label, you can communicate directly with your end user. An extra layer is then added to the image on the label which then directs your client to an interesting message or to a good cause for example. The extra layer provides you with even more possibilities than the QR code.

By combining Augmented Reality with the use of Layar, for example, you can add almost unlimited possibilities to your label. By using Layar, you can direct your client to a video clip, a special message, or directly to your webshop featuring the latest offers.

How does AR work together with Layar?

Layar, a mobile phone app, is software that makes augmented reality possible by adding extra layers of information to the camera image. Augmented Reality is, in a certain sense, related to virtual reality. The main difference is that with virtual reality a real-life experience is replaced by an experience of a simulated fantasy world, whereas AR adds an extra layer of information over a registration or image of the real world.

What can Augmented Reality do for you?

Augmented Reality labels open up a wide range of possibilities. The integration of this technology into a woven label brings your product to life and allows for a wide range of client interactions with your product.

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