3 tips to become a more sustainable fashion brand

What is the environmental impact of your company, products or clothing? And if you want to become more sustainable or work towards circularity, where to start?

A circular textile-industry is where we have to be in 2025, much sooner than most of us think. The Dutch government strives to run a circular economy in 2050. In that sense the textile industry is far ahead!

Let’s start talking about your labelling.


3 easy tips:

    Lower the impact by re-using materials. Polyester suits great for this.
    Also hangtags can be made completely from 100% recycled paper.Labels from recycled material >


    Making or selling products from natural fibers like wool, cotton or hemp? Choose a label of (organic) cotton. For products from synthetic materials it’s best to choose a polyester label. This way you keep the recycling-stream “clean”.Labels from 100% organic cotton >
    With the right care instructions your products will last longest. Also you can start a collection system for taking clothes back to repair or reuse. Or give you customers creative input for re-using. A label with QR-code is the fastest way to your website / inspiration page.QR-labels >

Of course there are many more ways to improve your company and prepare for the circular economy. Tips for sustainable production? Or would you like to know more about the circular economy? Let’s get in touch!