EE Labels x Circular Textile Days

On 13 and 14 September, EE Labels will be exhibiting at the Circular Textile Days.
Erna Heymans will tell you all about the possibilities of a digital product passport.
Are you coming to visit us? Let us know, we have options for free admission.

What is a digital product passport?

A digital product passport is the link between a physical product and the digital world.

Are you going to implement a product passport?

Place a QR label of good quality in your product. Choose a soft label that does not irritate.
This way it will stay attached to the product throughout its lifecycle.

Possibilities of a digital product passport

A digital product passport opens up a world of possibilities.
You can start very easily, with only the product information and origin. In addition, you can add certificates for verification. The digital product passport consists of a URL to a web page. You can put an awful lot of information on it.
Do you opt for a unique QR code or a static one? EE Labels will gladly tell you more about the difference.

Unique QR code versus static QR code

What is the difference between an unique QR code and a static one? A unique QR code means that you can get 1-to-1 information and share it with the user. However, to achieve the optimum effect this requires a lot of knowledge of the possibilities and an investment in the system. A static QR code is easier to start with. Make a web page per product or material and tell all information about a product (line) here.

Even more possibilities of a digital product passport:

– Full transparency
– Communication with the carrier
– Reselling & upselling
– Certifications
– Authenticity guarantee
– Repair service
– Other new business models

Curious about the possibilities for your company?
Mail Erna for more information