From sustainable to circular production

Sustainability has been the buzz word for a while, by now it’s the minimum you can do. It’s time for change and more improvement, time for circularity. But how to make the step as a company, from sustainable to circular production? EE Labels guides you with 5 key points.

1. Design circular from the start

Think circular in every step of the design. This way a product can be designed for optimal use with minimum resources.

2. Produce mono material

Try to work with one and only material for the product you make. When making a product of only one material it’s completely recyclable, making it even more sustainable.

3. Choose recycled materials

To produce recycled materials less energy, water and CO2 is consumed, making a smaller footprint. For example choose yarns made of recycled PET-bottles.

4. Be transparent

Most companies can not change their way into a circular one from one day to the other. It’s done step by step. Be honest about the way a product was made. For example by choosing labels with QR-code.

5. Give tips to the user

With the right information about conscious use of a product and its recycling methods you can make impact. Save unnecessary damage and make sure the products are recycled in the right way.