Digital Product Passport live in 5 minutes with TAPPR

A digital product passport, circular business models, the UPV and transparency: everyone in textiles is hearing about it. With TAPPR’s passport builder you can get started right away and your first product passports will be live within minutes. More info or getting started with your Digital Product Passport and QR labels? Read on or email us for an appointment.

Getting started with a digital product passport seems very complicated. But is it? For our latest webinar on Digital Product Passport, EE Labels invited guest speakers Laura Koedijk, sustainability manager of Studio Anneloes and Bas van der Pol, founder of TAPPR.

Studio Anneloes is one of the brands at the forefront of sustainability.

Woven labels with (unique) QR codes for a Digital Product Passport

Woven labels with unique QR codes stay with the product throughout its life cycle, so consumers can always scan the label while it lasts longer than the garment. By combining a label with QR code with the brand logo, additional costs are minimal.

Digital Product Passport with QR label

Use of QR codes in different industries

The product is used by brands in a variety of industries: from mattresses to carpets and from fashion to workwear. One of the examples of good use of the possibilities offered by the QR label was explained by Laura Koedijk, sustainability manager of Studio Anneloes. A woven label with QR code is attached to all clothing in the Studio Anneloes @ WORK collection. Bas van der Pol of TAPPR showed their passport builder that allows brands to have their first digital experience live within 5 minutes.

Starting with a Digital Product Passport

Getting started for your brand’s products? With TAPPR’s Passport Builder, you’ll be live in minutes. You simply put the information behind your QR labels with a simple scan. You can start a pilot for 350 euros. Mail:

woven label with QR code